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Our Process?

At Thymine Soft, everything we design and develop is built by conducting extensive research, analysis of the market, your customers, your business case, and opportunities for scalability. We have a perfect process defined to create the ideal website/software/app solution for you and your business needs.

Step 1: Initial Meeting
We meet you to understand the primary requirements of your solution. We gather all the requirements that you will have, identify the resources needed, and create a winning strategy for you to move your project forward.
Step 2: Analysis and Research
After the requirement gathering, we start an in depth analysis and requirement research, building detailed documents to create the best solution for your needs. In this step, we also define the project scope, technical specifications, and project schedules/milestones.
Step 3: Product Documents
We believe in drafting the idea first on paper to ensure that you and we are on the same page. This includes creating the product documents, and other necessary project related documents. The functionality already is coming into the place to explain the flow of the product being built.
Step 4: Wire framing and Design
We start step 4 with creating the wireframes, the design plan, conceptual design ideas, and mockup designs. Once the client approves the wireframes, we convert them into designs. The client with a design sign-off approves the designs.
Step 5: Development
At this stage, the static designs come to life. Our team of developers program the front-end and the back-end of your product/mobile app. After this project, you can test your product, and give feedback if something needs to be changed. By the end of this phase, all features are developed.
Step 6: Testing
To ensure, there are no bugs in your solution, this step ensures all Quality assurance. We test each aspect of your product, and rectify any bugs, such that your users/ you do not face any issues. We want you to have a phenomenal experience of using the new solution and are here to listen to you if you face any issues as well.
Step 7: Go to Market
Sometimes, we also create the go-to market strategy, if it was part of the initial discussion. Other times, we help you launch the product on to your servers. After the launch, we provide a warranty period, and an on-going support as required.
Step 8: Project Closure/Feedback
We want to know how we can make the next time better. If you had any difficulties, or liked something, we would love to hear. If there is something like ongoing maintenance, we discuss that. Other cases like updating your solution, we are here to help you.

Talk to us about your next project.



Thymine Soft is a company based in Düsseldorf, Germany providing consulting, software and training services to help businesses grow. Read more...

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